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Leather Coats

by Michael J. Guli Designs of River Crossing, Inc.

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Painted "Metis" style Coats

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In the late 1700ís along the American-Canadian border, trappers intermarried with Native women from local tribes. Their descendents formed a distinctive society of their own called the Metis, with their own language, art and clothing styles. These coats show the influence of two different worlds, combining the cut and fit of menís European designs with the artistic qualities of the Native people, who often decorated their pieces with painted or beaded floral or geometric patterns. These coats are made of the finest deerskin for durability, comfort and beauty. These coats are a wonderful example of the artistic interaction of two different cultures.

Hand-Painted Metis Coats are priced from $1295.00 and up.

Vaquero Coats

https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatvaquerofront.jpg    https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatvaqueroback.jpg

In the mid-1800ís, artist James Walker produced a number of paintings that featured the Vaquero, master horsemen of Spanish blood who came to this country during the late 1500ís. We owe much of our cowboy knowledge, culture and language to these riders who were descended from the knights of Spain. This coat is inspired by these talented men who often wore their wealth on their body in the form of flashy clothing. Made of ranch-raised deer hide, and decorated with nickel silver conchos, this short-waisted coat features beautiful details and would have been worn with a distinctive sash at the waist. As in the past, this eye-catching coat is still all about confidence and attitude.  

Vaquero Coats are priced from $995.00 and up.

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The Santa Fe Coat

https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatsantafefront.jpg    https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatsantafeback.jpg

This head-turning Southwestern-styled deerskin coat is truly a piece of wearable art. Its design was inspired in large part by an Apache-style buckskin coat that Mike studied from a museum collection. He then added the Santa Fe influences of a small folded-down collar and plenty of silver accents. What is most distinctive on this stunning piece is the two-tone hand-twisted fringe, which showcases the contrast of the inner and outer sides of the deerskin. This showy coat with its historic touches continues to stop traffic and draw envy at every event.

Santa Fe Coats are priced from $1195.00 and up.

Scout Coats

https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatscoutbrown.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatscoutwaddie.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/coatscouttex.jpg

In the second half of the 1800ís, a unique character could be found in the American West Ė the Scout. Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickock are just a few of the most famous of these highly skilled and highly paid professionals. These men needed garments that were practical and durable, and they were known as much for their flashy way of dressing as for their bravery and adventures. Our coats make just as strong an impression today as the ones worn by these legendary Scouts.

Scout Coats are priced from $995.00 and up.

Buffalo Coats

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Our coats are made of the finest winter buffalo hide, with buttons that are hand-fashioned from buffalo bones. The collar is designed for the maximum warmth around the neck, with the longest, thickest fur being used. A River Crossing buffalo coat will not only bring you admiration and awe, but will provide you with the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Buffalo Coats are priced at $2195.00 and up.

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Deerskin Leather Colors:

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Palomino Dusk Mahogany Black

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Standard Sizing Chest
Men's Small 38-40
Men's Medium 42-44
Men's Large 46-48

Extra large sizes are by special order only and will incur an additional charge. Please call to inquire.

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Please Note: Each item is hand-made by Mike Guli of River Crossing Inc.
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