American Bison - Buffalo Coats, Chaps, and Chinks

by Michael J. Guli Designs for River Crossing, Inc.

The buffalo was critical to the survival of Native American Plains tribes and early American explorers and settlers. Besides providing food and tools, one of the most valued qualities of the buffalo was its thick, warm hide. Native Americans would wrap a buffalo robe around themselves to fend off the bitter winter winds. Mountain men developed this into a buffalo coat, which at times made the difference between life and death from the harsh western climate. This style later became a high fashion statement on the East Coast as well, and was a prized and valuable possession.  

Our coats are made of the finest winter buffalo hide, with buttons that are hand-fashioned from buffalo bones. The collar is designed for the maximum warmth around the neck, with the longest, thickest fur being used. A River Crossing buffalo coat will not only bring you admiration and awe, but will provide you with the ultimate in warmth and comfort.

Standard Buffalo Coat $2495.00
Buffalo Coat front Buffalo Coat back view

Buffalo Coat

Front detail Back detail SASS member "Ten High"
Due to the nature of individual hides, no two buffalo coats will ever be identical in design.
Buffalo Coat Buffalo Coat Back
River Crossing also produces high-quality buffalo chaps and chinks.
Be the envy of your friends with your own pair of "woolies!"
Woolie Buffalo Chaps $1495.00
Buffalo Chaps back view on Coyote Calhoun Buffalo Chaps front view on Coyote Calhoun
Back detail of Chaps showing clip fasteners

SASS Wild Bunch member "Coyote Calhoun"

Buffalo Chinks $1195.00

Buffalo Chinks on Hipshot
Buffalo Chinks front view

Front Detail of Chinks

Buffalo Chinks back view

SASS Wild Bunch member "Hipshot"

Back of Chinks showing clips

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