Victorian (and other) Wigs

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Dear Friends and Clients,

Thank you for your support and business for all these years. Unfortunately, my supplier has raised their prices to me too much for me to remain competitive, so, sadly, I am getting out of the wig business. Hopefully in the future, I may be able to be of help to you again.

HOWEVER - Because they are a good company, and make a great wig, and I still want you to be taken care of -

If you wish to order a wig directly from the company who was my supplier, here's the link to the "Arianne" style wig, which was the one I carried and which is used for all the styles on this webpage:

wig wig

Thanks again, and my best wishes to you.

Please enjoy the photos and styling suggestions below.

- Sharon Guli

Cat Ballou in Victorian Wig for Evening wear

Victorian Wig

Kitty Darling in Victorian Wig in Saloon Girl style

Color #24/14, Gibson-style Color #20/88H, spiral cascade Color #12, high ponytail

Daytime - Evening Wear - Cowgirl - Saloon Girl - pin into any style you like!

Also versatile enough to be used for Jane Austen, Colonial, Marie Antoinette, Civil War, Flapper, Steampunk, Mrs. Santa Claus, and many other theatrical styles (see photos below).

Worn long, pulled back on the sides or fully up, these versatile, life-like wigs are comfortable to wear, easy to care for, easy to pack, and easy to style.  A great complement to your historic outfit, these wigs are especially great for wearing with hats, on those windy days, or on short-notice before a ball or special event.  Also perfect for theater performances!

Wig styling instructions

Wigs are delivered long and loose.  Style to your own liking.

Click here for Wig Styling and Pinning Instructions!

Some Suggested Styling
(Use your imagination; try creating your own style!)

Gibson style Victorian wig

Narrow spiral cascade Victorian wig

Victorian wig - spiral cascade

Back view of spiral cascade

(color 16/22B)
Narrow Spiral Cascade(color 14/16H)
Front view of Spiral Cascade (color 20/88H)
Full Spiral Cascade
(color 20/88H)

Wig worn long and loose, cowgirl style

Daisy Darling in wig with sides up only

Miss Tabitha with Gibson style and hat

Long and Loose
(color 14/16H)
Up on sides only
(color 24/14)
Fully up with hat
(color 14/16H)
Classic Chignon
(color 16/22B)


Civil War Era wig stylings

Civil War Victorian Wig style Civil War Victorian Wig style side
Civil War Victorian wig in evening style Civil War Victorian wig style Civil War Victorian wig in hair net


Jane Austen-inspired Wig stylings

With Keri for a production of "Pride and Prejudice"

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen wig Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice wig Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice wig


"A Day in Pompeii" exhibit at the

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Pompeii Exnibit Flavian Wig style Pompeii Exnibit Flavian Wig style Pompeii Exnibit Flavian Wig style sculpture influence
High-society Flavian woman's hairstyle Side view. To create these masterpieces, the stylist used the wigs backwards and added a few extra decorative pieces. Historic sculptured inspiration


Pompeii Exnibit Flavian Wig style Pompeii Exnibit Flavian Wig style "A Day in Pompeii" Exhibit wig style


Wigs on Stage

Lady Bracknell from The Importance of Being Earnest in Edwardian Wig

Principal McGee wig in musical Grease

Pirates of Penzance wig

Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest
(color 365)

Principal McGee in Grease (color 365)

Rachel performing in Pirates of Penzance
(color 502)


Wigs on Mrs. Santa Claus

(...and other uses for #60 100% White Wig)

Masquerade White Wig Mrs. Claus wig Old Lady White Wig
Masquerade Ball
Mrs. Santa Claus wig
"Old Lady" act


Wigs for Steampunk Events

Steampunk wig
Steampunk wig
Steampunk UnLimited, PA
Steampunk Ball, Cheyenne, WY


Wigs on Clients

Victorian wig on Lady Dorease Museum Docent Rachel giving historical tours in Victorian wig Victorian wig on Historic Re-enactor Lady Estelle
Lady Dorease at a Victorian Ball
Docent Lady Rachel giving historical tours
Rachel (without wig) Historic Re-enactor Lady Estelle


Marie Antoinette Pompadour Wig



Colonial men's queue/cue wig

Colonial couple

Marie Antoinette pompadour wig

Our wigs create very realistic men's Colonial queues.

Donald and Henriette in fabulous Colonial outfits. Both are wearing our wigs.

Marie Antoinette Pompadour (two wigs put together by artist/designer Dale Coppock)


...and also Flapper Wigs!

Flapper 1920's wig

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