Our old-time shirts are great for creating period looks - cowboy, mountain man, cowgirl, or almost any 1800's character. They are also wonderful for daily modern wear and look great with a vest! Made of 100% soft Pima cotton, our shirts are solidly sewn for years of use.

To protect one's legs when riding through tough brush, mountain men often wore pants made of buckskin. In making our pants, we use a strong, soft deerskin for the ultimate in durability and comfort.

Designed for both strength and comfort, our hand-sewn moccasins are made of flexible, long-wearing bison (American buffalo) hide. We've designed them to have a unique triple-layer sole, which allows you to walk softly but not feel all the rocks.

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Old-Time Cotton Shirts $52

Cotton Shirt in Natural

Available in the following colors:

Natural Swatch Slate Blue Swatch Forest Green Swatch Wine Swatch Turquoise Swatch
Natural Slate Blue Forest Green Wine Turquoise


Shirt Size Fits Men's Size Actual Chest Measurement
Small 36-38 approximately 45"
Medium 40-42 approximately 46"
Large 44-46 approximately 47"
XLarge 46-48 approximately 48"
XXLarge 50-52 approximately 50"

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Low Moccasins

Low Moccasins $125
High Moccasins $275

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Men's Low:

Men's High:

Women's Low:

Women's High:

Tack Belts

Tack Belts

Belts $150 and up
Sizes over 48" - Special Order

Buckskin Pants

Buckskin Pants $695