Buckskin Leather Indian Dresses

by Michael J. Guli Designs of River Crossing, Inc.

Our deerskin dresses are influenced by garments worn by women of Native American tribes of the Old West. The Indian women would add beautiful touches of beadwork, painting and fringe to their outfits.

We make our Indian dresses out of the finest deerskin for strength, beauty and softness. All fringe is hand cut, and we only use glass beads, no plastic ever! These dresses can be worn belted or loose, and are typical of the three-skin design worn by many of the Plains Indian tribes.

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Since each one of our deerskin dresses is hand-made, we prefer to speak with you personally to design the perfect dress for your needs. Please call to discuss what color, size and style you desire, and we will be happy to give you a quote and estimate of delivery date.



Basic Deerskin Dresses Painted Deerskin Dresses Painted & Beaded Dresses
$1195.00 and up $1195.00 and up $1495.00 and up

Deerskin Dresses - Available in colors of Cream, Palomino, Dusk or Mahogany, and with choice of either smooth side out or suede (rough) side out. Please specify color choice, and smooth or suede-out. White available on special order - call for price.

Deerskin Leather Colors:

https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewcrm.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewpalm.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewdusk.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewmahg.jpg
Cream Palomino Dusk Mahogany

Fancier painted or hand-beaded dresses are available by special order. Call to inquire.




Painted Thong Dress Wedding Dresses Special Order

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Call 970-221-2992 for quotes, questions on custom Indian dresses, or to place an order. 

Our dresses are designed in the Native American Indian style, hand-made by Mike Guli.

Please Note: Each item is hand-made by Mike Guli of River Crossing Inc.
Orders can take three weeks to three months to fill, depending on when your order is received. Please call for an estimate on your particular delivery date.