Deerskin Halter Tops

Our halter top is made of a washable deerskin, making it both extremely comfortable and practical. Sexy yet modest, the halter top gives good coverage on the sides, with one secure tie-strap in the back. The unique design allows you to adjust the garment to provide the amount of coverage that you personally prefer. The more you wear this garment, the more it will conform to your individual shape. One size fits most.


Style 103   $79.00


Deerskin Halter Tops are available in colors of Palomino, Mahogany or Black and with choice of either Smooth side out or Suede (rough) side out. Please specify style, color choice of leather and beads, and smooth or suede-out.  All styles are $79.00. Since each garment is hand-made, some variations in color and cut of fringe will occur.

Style 101  $79.00 Style 102  $79.00 Style 103  $79.00
Style 104   $79.00 Style 105   $79.00 Style 106   $79.00



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