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by Michael J. Guli of River Crossing, Inc.

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"Shane" Shirt - $695.00

Suede (rough-side) out, which more closely resembles the historic look of braintanned deerskin/buckskin leather:

Shane shirt Shane shirt

Scouts were an integral part of the military during the Indian Wars period, finding safe routes of passage in dangerous times. Our deerskin Shane shirt is influenced by the attire of these brave men of the American Wild West, and inspired by the movie of the same name.

Smooth-side out (more modern look):

Shane shirt front view Shane shirt back view



"Hondo" Shirt - $695.00

Hondo shirt front view Hondo shirt back view

After the American Civil War, bib front shirts were often worn by General George Armstrong Custer. Our Hondo shirt is a buckskin adaptation of this popular garment of the American Old West, and is made of the finest deerskin for comfort and durability.


Mountain Man Shirt - $695.00

Mountain Man Shirt

As the first explorer to open up the American Old West, the mountain man at times adopted the clothing of his Native American neighbors. Buckskin garments were soft and comfortable, while still being tough and unique. Our shirts are made of the finest deerskin leather for comfort and durability. As the inspiration for the mountain man look, these Indian-style shirts are also well suited for Native American outfits, as well.


Deluxe Mountain Man Shirt - $995.00

Deluxe Mountain Man Shirt

Between 1820-1840, many Mountain Men lived with the Native Americans, and adopted their ways. Our hand-dyed Deluxe Mountain Man Shirt reflects this adaptation of their culture. This Indian-style shirt is also at times referred to as a "war shirt". These shirts are made out of the finest deerskin for comfort and durability.

Available in suede (rough-out) style only. Note: color of leather and hand-dyeing on shirts will vary in shade from piece to piece. Dyeing usually ranges in color from shades of green to gray. Please call to discuss any personal requests.


"Range Rider" Shirt - $695.00

Bob Boze Bell in Range Rider Shirt Range Rider Shirt on Bob Boze Bell

     Our Range Rider Shirt was created at the request of none other than Bob Boze Bell, the world-renowned Western artist and CEO of True West Magazine. Having wanted one since a child, Bob was thrilled when Mike was able to make him the buckskin shirt of his dreams, as worn by actor Jock Mahoney as the Range Rider in the TV series by the same name. Our shirt is made of strong, soft deerskin, and features a low-cut laced front, extra-long generous fringe, and a straight-cut bottom edge.


Frontier Shirt - $695.00

Frontier Shirt front view Frontier Shirt back view

     Our Frontier Shirt is very similar in design to our Range Rider shirt (see above). The only noticeable differences will be higher lacing at the neck opening, shorter fringe, and a more rough-cut bottom edge. Take your pick!


Buckskin Leather shirts - Available in a choice of either smooth side out or suede (rough-out) style. Please specify color choice, size, and smooth or suede-out.

Deerskin Leather Colors:

https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewpalm.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewdusk.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewmahg.jpg https://rivercrossinginc.tripod.com/catalogue/leathernewblk.jpg
Palomino Dusk Mahogany Black

(Dye lots and computer screens will vary)

Standard Sizing Chest
Men's Small 38-40
Men's Medium 42-44
Men's Large 46-48

Extra large sizes are by special order only and will incur an additional charge. Please call to inquire.

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Please Note: Each item is hand-made by Mike Guli of River Crossing Inc.
Orders can take three weeks to three months to fill, depending on when your order is received. Please call for an estimate on your particular delivery date.