Buckskin Leather Pants and Leggins

by Michael J. Guli Designs of River Crossing, Inc.

Buckskin mountain man pants

Deerskin Leggins

Deerskin Pants
Deerskin Leggins
(bead strips extra charge)

Pants or leggins (also known as leggings) provided comfortable, durable protection for one's legs when riding through tough brush or working in the harsh elements of the Rocky Mountains. For this reason, once their cloth pants wore out, mountain men often took to wearing pants made of buckskin, or perhaps Indian-style leggins if they spent a lot of time with a local tribe of Native Americans. We use a beautifully strong, soft deerskin for the ultimate in durability and comfort.

Deerskin Pants and Leggins are available in the colors of natural and palomino, and made suede (rough) side out only.

Deerskin Pants - $895.00

Deerskin Leggins plain - $695.00 

Leggins with beaded strips - call for pricing.


These items require a custom fit.

Please call 970-221-2992 to discuss details and measurements needed.