Victorian Dressing from the Inside Out

a.k.a. Miss Tabitha's Victorian Underwear Show!

Chemise and drawers

Corset, chemise, and petticoat


Sharon Guli in 1886 Victorian Dinner Gown

Enjoy a unique presentation as Miss Tabitha (Sharon Guli) demonstrates for you how a Victorian lady would have dressed from the “inside out”. Beginning with chemise and drawers, she adds corset, petticoat, bustle, and on and on until at last she is attired in her final outfit – “properly and decently” dressed to appear in public, not forgetting her headpiece and correct accessories. As each piece is added, she shares entertaining and historical anecdotes about the clothing of the Victorian era. This is a delightfully educational program you won’t want to miss!

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Sharon was recently honored to appear in a PBS documentary produced by the New Mexico History Museum. The piece is titled, "Moments in Time: Fashioning New Mexico: Victorian Secrets."

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