Undergarments Education -

A Charming Program on Victorian Silhouettes










Corsets  Bustles  Petticoats  Hoops  Chemises  Corset Covers   Day Dresses  Dinner Dresses  Evening Gowns  Bridal Wear

     In this combination of Victorian Dressing from the Inside Out and our Victorian Fashion Show, Miss Tabitha dresses her models to show not just one, but several of the fashion silhouettes of the Victorian era - the hoop, the bustle, the cuirass, and the hourglass figure. In addition to demonstrating how each of these looks was achieved from the inside out, the models return in more outfits, in essence giving you a "mini" fashion show, including day wear, evening wear, and bridal wear. An expansion of our smallest program, and adaptation of our largest, this presentation is ideal for many events.

“Undergarments Education was just the right program for our Mother’s Day Tea. It was lovely to see the ladies in their elegant dresses, and quite entertaining to see what it took to achieve each of their looks. It was truly a joy to have Miss Tabitha and her girls with us. We look forward to having her again.”

Susan Jessup, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, Loveland, CO

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