Pioneer School Program

and Trunk Show

An educational and entertaining history presentation!

by Guli Productions & River Crossing Inc.

Pioneer Children dressed from Trunk Show

Mike tells stories of Pioneer Days Sharon teaches about Pioneer toys and games

What was it like to be a child pioneer? Imagine if your parents told you that you were moving far away, traveling for many months, and that you would be walking much of the way. All you could take with you of your personal belongings had to fit in one suitcase, and then, partway there, half of that would have to be thrown away! Mike and Sharon will bring to your school a day your child will long remember. First, stories are shared of what life on a wagon train would have been like, tales of both difficulty and adventure.

Then, from a large trunk, the children pass around objects such as a heavy cast iron pot, a tin plate and toys. Four lucky volunteers are dressed in costumes of the period – a pioneer girl from a covered wagon, a cowboy, an Indian maid, and a barefooted town boy, ready for school. The program concludes with an interactive session where the children learn to sing the tongue-twisting words to “Turkey in the Straw” and play games from the period, such as Deerstalker and the game of Graces. This is a delightfully entertaining program where your students experience pieces of history first-hand.

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