Fur Trade/Mountain Man/Rendezvous Era

School Program and Trunk Show

An educational and entertaining history presentation!

by Guli Productions & River Crossing Inc.

Who might you have met in the mountains of Colorado in the early 1800s? This educational program brings alive an influential period of American history the Fur Trade Era. From a large trunk come items for the children to pass around and examine items such as a real beaver pleu, a buffalo hide, and pieces of leather. In full costume, Mike shares stories about life as a mountain man, and then four students are dressed in outfits of the period that demonstrate several of the different cultures that lived in the American West a Native American girl, a mountain man who lives with the Indians, a Vaquero and a Spanish Colonial woman.


If desired, the trunk show can be followed by several outdoors interactive programs. Mike and Sharon will bring a tipi and demonstrate how it would have been erected, and Mike shares with the children the traditions and stories of the tipi. With special permission from the school and taking every safe precaution, your students can be provided with an educational opportunity to learn about several survival tools of the period. Mike and Sharon are very safety-conscious, and have years of experience working with excited students.

This is repeatedly-booked program, with both the children and teachers looking forward to a fun-filled, educational day where history becomes hands-on!

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