The Flirtatious Victorian

A delightful program by Miss Tabitha of Guli Productions/River Crossing Inc.

The Language of the Fan Sharon Guli demonstrates the Language of the Fan The Language of the Handkerchief

Learn a new use for your fan, gloves, handkerchief and parasol!

Miss Tabitha brings you a charming presentation, sharing with your guests alternative uses for a Victorian Lady’s accessories.  Fact and fiction – you will enjoy hearing the history of this debated form of communication and seeing a demonstration of the playful capabilities of the fan, glove, parasol and handkerchief.  Of added interest to the gentlemen (besides gaining a better understanding of what women want of them),  a segment on “Hat Flirtations” and “How to Kiss Deliciously” will be included in this amusing program.

"A Victorian lady’s accessories (such as gloves, fans, handkerchiefs, and parasols) can prove to be very useful instruments, beyond their intended purpose, when engaging in flirtations.  The most delicate hints can be given without danger of misunderstanding, and in “flirtations” they become very useful instruments.  They are in fact superior to the deaf and dumb alphabet, as the notice of bystanders is not attracted. " 
-- Adapted from notes from Daniel R. Shafer, in "Secrets of Life Unveiled", published in Baltimore, 1877
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