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A Victorian Fashion Show

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From corsets to dinner dresses to bridal gowns, enjoy the romance of the Victorian era. Discover the novelties of the various popular silhouettes of the period - the hoop, the bustle, and the hourglass figure. Few people are aware of the complexities and detail of the dresses of this period, and the code of fashion rules to which society ladies of the day strove to adhere. When can the ankle show? How small is a fashionable waist? How long after a death in the family must black still be worn? When are you “properly dressed”? Enlightening and entertaining, step into a journey that samples the many, many quickly-changing styles of this feminine time.

“Sharon presents excellent examples from the Civil War era to the Gay 90’s, including coordinated accessories and proper undergarments. Not only is the presentation beautiful and entertaining, it is educational as well. She does a wonderful job.”

Paula Taylor, Museum Director at Warren Air Force Base, Cheyenne, WY

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