Colonial/Revolutionary War Era

School Program and Trunk Show

An educational and entertaining history presentation!

by Guli Productions & River Crossing Inc.

Imagine your child dressed as George or Martha Washington! In this lively educational program, the children enjoy seeing four of their classmates dressed in outfits from the Revolutionary War period of American history a working woman in day outfit, with under-petticoats, jumps, and mob cap; a Delaware Indian man, with leggins, breechclout, and hunting shirt; an upper-class woman dressed for the ball, with side-hoops, sack-back fancy gown, and fan; and a finely-dressed gentleman from town, with breeches, waistcoat, coat, and to top it all off a handsome white wig and tricorne!

If desired by the school, following the trunk show is a lesson on manners and etiquette, and then the children are given a class on dances of the era, such as Tompkins Fancy, Figuring on a Monday, and a Colonial Cotillion. The children return that evening in full costume for a Colonial Dance, using either recorded or live music, and demonstrate for their proud parents the manners and dance steps they learned earlier in the day. This part of the program is a great favorite, enjoyed immensely by both the children dancing and everyone watching. A wonderful and hands-on way to bring history to life for young people!

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