Civil War Era

School Program and Trunk Show

An educational and entertaining history presentation!

by Guli Productions & River Crossing Inc.

Sharon teaches about the roles of Civil War women.

Sharon Guli demonstrates the intracacies of Civil War era underpinnings.

Sharon models a Civil War era day dress.

Every student studies about the battles of the Civil War, but often not much is mentioned about women’s roles, clothing and social life during this important period of American history. Sharon Guli, in full costume from 1861, brings to the classroom another perspective on this era. She begins the program with stories of women of the Civil War – nurses, spies, Vivandieres, and soldiers in disguise.

Using this as an introduction, Sharon then moves into the trunk show aspect of the presentation, selecting several volunteers from among the students to dress in clothing of the period, such as a woman’s day outfit for around the house, starting with chemise and corset, and a lovely ball gown, complete with hoop and fan. The costumed students next demonstrate manners and etiquette, much to the delight of the onlookers. The lesson on the “language of the fan” is always a big hit, and the students are encouraged to practice the moves carefully! This program is thoroughly enjoyed by both girls and boys alike.

Leading a Grand March at a Civil War Ball. The students show off their dancing skills.

After the trunk show, if desired by the school, the program continues with a dance lesson – the intricacies of the Quadrille, Spanish Waltz and Grand March are unraveled in a fun, encouraging manner. That evening, the students return in full costume, ready to show off their carefully-rehearsed moves for their parents and each other at a Civil War Ball. Recorded or live music is available, and the students whirl and march proudly to the dances and music of the period. A much-anticipated and talked-about event, this is a great program to bring history to life for your students!

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