The Victorian Bride

The perfect entertainment for a Tea or Bridal Shower!

Victorian Bride Program
Victorian Bride in the Park


Meet the Victorian Bride as she prepares for this most important day of her life. Hear the storis of the preparations for her trousseau, her gown, and the ceremony itself. You will enjoy seeing her dress for this special occasion, starting with her “unmentionables,” adding corset and petticoats, and all of the correct accessories to complete her ensemble. As each piece is added, entertaining and historical anecdotes about the wedding traditions of the Victorian era are shared with her guests. A truly enjoyable and educational experience!


The entire show from beginning to end was entertaining, informative, and a lot of fun! Sharon’s stories were just darling, and her anecdotes were humorous. I especially admire the traditions of Victorian women, along with their sense of style. I had no idea what a woman in those times had to go through to prepare for her wedding day!”

-- Linda Otteman, Owner, Miss Attie’s Tea Room, Loveland, CO

A Victorian Wedding!


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