Archetypes of the Old West

    A Fashion Presentation of Old-Time Clothing!

Mike and Sharon Guli, of River Crossing Inc., are pleased to bring you a one-of-a-kind program specifically designed to help you visualize just a few of the many types of characters you might have met in an Old West town. See examples of clothing for archetypes such as Vaqueros, Native Americans, Rodeo Cowgirls, B Western Movie characters, Scouts, and Victorian Ladies. Especially great for re-enactors, SASS members, theater folks, or history buffs, you will learn fun and valuable tips on how to develop each personal look with the proper accessories and historic research, becoming more than just a “cookie-cutter” cowboy!

This program can be presented in the form of a fashion show, with professional models, or (even more fun!), this entertaining presentation can be become a hands-on affair, with members of the audience coming onstage to model the clothing. This is the perfect program for corporate functions, schools, history clubs, or any event where you want something a little different that your members will enjoy, remember, and talk about long after the final outfit is put back into the trunk.

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