Buffalo Moccasins

 by River Crossing, Inc.

 As featured on The Outdoor Channel in
"Cowboys - with Tupelo Flash"


Buffalo Moccasins - Low style Buffalo Moccasins - High style
Low Moccasins High Moccasins
$125.00 $275.00

Designed for both durability and comfort, our hand-sewn moccasins are made of flexible, long-wearing bison (American buffalo) hide. We've designed them to have a unique triple-layer sole, which allows you to walk softly but not feel all the rocks. In time, if you ever do wear out the bottom sole, we can replace it for a small fee - you'll never wear out the tops. Our moccasins are available in ankle-high and knee-high styles in a natural cream shade, and are personally recommended by author and bow hunter Fred Asbell in his book - Stalking and Still Hunting: Ground Hunter's Bible.

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If your feet are of a unique shape or size, send us a tracing and we'll be happy to custom-make a pair to your specifications. Additional fee occasionally applies.